Seeds Of Destiny different types of evil are at work

1. The spirit of lying, twisting the truth.

2. The spirit of murder, which is akin to hate.

3. The spirit of lawlessness. Bringing Chaos

4. The spirit of Deception/ falsehood.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are riding now as forms of the judgment of God. Revelation 6:1-8

The white horse represents the Antichrist going forth to conquer.  Their may not be a physical Antichrist known on the world stage right now, however, he is among us today. The physical Antichrist will be revealed at the appropriate time but certainly there is a spirit of Antichrist at work all around us. The only way to overcome his influence is through Jesus Christ and the cross.

The red horse represents war and extreme violence on the earth. We are certainly seeing an increase of violence taking place on our streets. Something we have not see in the past so much is violence reaching the wealthy neighborhoods. No one appears beyond reach from the new level of violence. The third world war has already begun through cyber warfare and will soon manifest in military warfare.

The black horse represents food shortage and starvation. We are already seeing this take place in America and the world. These things have started as a result of people being affected by the Corona virus pandemic and other natural disasters. When we know something is coming or has come people do what we call panic buying and that creates a spike in demand. This overwhelms the suppliers who cannot meet the demand. Right now we are facing a pandemic and the workforce has been cut yet demand remains high. If another natural disaster happens it would put us in a desperate place in terms of food supply. We should always have some emergency food and supplies on hand to help tide us over during tough times.

A pale horse represents destructive conditions after war, natural disasters etc. This is the lack of sustenance required for survival. We can expect to have the earth population including American citizens die from drought, famine, and pestilence. The fallout from man made disasters, motivated by the dark forces that are at work in the earth.

In conclusion we have to be prepared as best we can for things that have started to come upon the earth. One of key indicators is not only are they happening but there is an intensity and they are happening all at the same time. The antidote to all of it is Jesus Christ and the cross. Romans 10:9-10