God is provider, by Rosemary Sardar

God is the provider

Women and children have always looked to the man as their provider. When women get married they feel it is their husbands duty to provide for the family. This mentality is passed on to children and they also look at their father as a provider and this becomes a generation to generation mentality. However, it is a wrong mentality and the children are following this wrong example. The woman makes the mistake of not putting her faith in God. She has placed faith in man and her child is following her example. God cannot be happy with this generation to generation teaching because this places a lot of pressure on the husband. The wife should be in prayer daily for the needs of the family as well as praying for her husband and children. Because of daily trust in her husband she will lose her trust in God. The wife should be a role model for her children and show complete trust in God and not husband. If the wife has too many demands she can discourage him from doing good honest work to provide as he can do. If he is feeling pressure to give her what she wants then this could force him into doing corruption to get the money that she needs to satisfy his wife. Actually the wife should have only basic needs that she expects. Then there is no pressure for him to get involved in corruption and illegal activities to meet her requirements. She will also show the proper example and the man is happier because his earnings are enough to take care of the family. No man should have to do a corrupt deed because his wife is demanding more and more beyond her needs. This will give him time to pray and also quality time with family.