Sewing center program

Teaching Christian women a trade in sewing. The sewing centers train them and upon completion they can immediately start earning for their family’s basic needs. We want to help them to become self supporting as soon as possible. Your investment today in this program will help purchase new sewing machines for our centers. Thank you in Advance for your love gift of any amount.

Gift bags for the poor

Feeding poor families in Pakistan- providing gift bags including food and water. So many in Pakistan have no clean water and in many cases no access to healthy food. Our goal through Destiny Vision outreach program we provide gift bags of food, baby milk, and water. We also provide children school supplies where families simply cannot provide them. These families represent Pakistan’s poorest Christians who simply have no household income. 

Bible Society: Putting a bible in the hand of every Christian in Punjab

Over 90% of Christians in Pakistan have no Christian bible to read and study. Our mission is to put a bible in the hand of every believer in Pakistan. This project also provides pastors and ministers with badly needed study bibles.

Missionary travel needs:

We have felt God’s call to travel to South Asia several times per year to minister to the people of Pakistan. God has given us great favor moving in and out of the country. We have a local office in Punjab, and a network of Pastors and churches who need training and guidance for their work.  Would you help make our travel possible by giving a tax-deductible gift today.