A constitutional crisis moment

Yes, we are in a constitutional crisis moment and you and I will begin to see it in many forms. We can thank President Trump for getting us here just over 2 years into his Presidency. He has made many promises like building a big beautiful wall and “Mexico was going to pay for it.” There was nothing about the tax payer being shouldered with the burden or our congress and there was nothing in that promise that the government would be shut down well into the New Year over brick and mortar.
Mr. Trump promised that he would get rid of the Affordable Care Act. He would give a new program that would be far better and cheaper. That has not happened to date.
He promised that a jobs panel would be set up of the top fortune 500 CEO’s in the country to bring back our jobs from oversees. They resigned long ago, and Trump was forced to shut it down after declaring that he didn’t need them. Jobs have not been brought back at all in fact manufactures like GM took the Trump tax cut which was permanent to the top one percent and cut work force by 15%. There are approximately five plants being closed in Ohio, Michigan, and Marilyn. The Carrier Corp is cutting, Hardly Davison, Ford and others. He said that our coal mine jobs were coming back. Steel jobs were coming back (Trump is buying his steel from China to build his buildings) All got a big permanent tax cut that we must pay for and that added to our national debt. He gave us others a tax cut that is only good for 10 years.
He promised an infrastructure program that would begin quickly after coming into office. This was supposed to rebuild our roads, bridges, airports etc. This has not happened
He committed to hire the best people because before we had stupid people running the country. We see our government well understaffed across the board including the White House. Lately it has been so bad he fired his chief of staff John Kelly and the replacement decided against the job. Trump offered the position to others who turned it down. He has an acting chief of staff that was forced to take it, an acting Defense secretary, an acting Attorney General. Many key ambassadorships have not been filled. His administration of best people has been a revolving door it seems.
All the people leaving the administration were offered approximately 150,000 per month to not speak against Trump family. They were required to sign NDA only then would the money be given. Don Jr’s wife was responsible for cutting the deals. The funds came from campaign money given by small donation donors the same people he is fighting for in the White House. Trump is profiting off the White House flying around every weekend with a few exceptions to promote his brand. That is costing tax payers approximately 1.6 million every weekend. We have a tax payer paid retreat called Camp David, yet he prefers going to a Trump property. He does not even try to tell the truth about anything. He openly bullies people who don’t agree with him. If that were not bad enough, he rambles on about immigrants being criminals, sickly people, and gang members who should not be able to come to the border to apply for asylum. Yet Trump has consistently hired these same people illegally to clean his toilets and make his beds in New Jersey and other Trump properties. They even provide illegal documents to help them get around the very Trump policies to keep them out of the country. This is problematic on many levels but now these workers are speaking to the FBI and media to tell their story. This president has been consistently a serial hypocrite in plain view and lies at an alarming rate.
Finally, a few predictions for the New Year. Donald Trump will not seek re-election things have been uncovered about him and his family that would make him unelectable. If he does not resign, he will be impeached. Full stop! [Hypothetically] Mike Pence could be implicated in things post candidate Trump. There are over 17 separate investigations actively against the President and more to come between Mr. Mueller, Lower Manhattan New York DA’s office and Congress. It is not inconceivable that the vice president could be implicated. What would that look like in terms of his qualifications to step in as President? Also, would Pence feel pressure from the Trump base to give him a pardon? What would that look like for our country and how would history judge Pence if he did issue a pardon? In a worst-case scenario if both men could not serve Nancy Pelosi would have to step in until next election.
It will be proven that the Trump campaign won by fraud and deceived the American people.
Many people will be faced with prison even Trump family members if the right deal is not reached for them to be spared prison time. Jared Kushner will be a big name coming out of the Mueller investigation.
Donald Trump will not support Israel for the long haul he will cut deals that undermine Israel if it benefits him without a doubt.
It is necessary to do things God’s way, respect for all human life. Being sensitive to the poor throughout the world, supporting religious freedom are a few examples. There should be a certain standard that our current President live by and he is not. He has refused to be an example to all in his consistent conduct and has lowered the standard on purpose without apology. Putting the America that God loves against one another into tribal positions. The President is doubling down on lying as a normal practice without apology and seeks to advance his own interest and his supporters at the expense of others. The President has clearly abused his power and has refused to acknowledge any wrong doing. God will deal with Mr. Trump in ways that will shame us as a country before the world. Hopefully that will lead us back to God as a nation. It has put a strain on the country and we are literally exhausted from all the drama of a chaotic President. America will have to reboot after the Trump administration and if we don’t God help us all for what is to come.

Pray for our country