Trump is a Decoy

The greatest question in my mind since 2016 was how did we get here that Donald Trump could be elected in the United States of America? That is one of the most profound questions of our time. How could someone get away with insulting people, be accused of sexual assault, break all the rules of decency in open site and still be elected President. If it were any other candidate, they would have been disqualified through the media and ultimately the ballet box. People simply would not stand for it, so I thought. The media never believed he could win and simply saw it as entertainment. This carnival show turned into a ratings bonanza for the 24-hour cable news networks. The ratings allowed him to take up all the oxygen and no one else could break through with their message. The other candidates didn’t hold a candle to this unconventional candidate that no one thought could win.
Donald Trump said in an interview back in the 90’s. He sees life as a game and you have winners and you have losers. Even in this political climate we have seen examples of his willingness to kick loyal people under the bus for political expediency.
Additionally, I believe the way that the GOP treated Barak Obama refusing to work with him and help him succeed created an environment where a Donald Trump could thrive.
He has become a folk hero in America thanks to the medias love-hate relationship with Trump.
He overwhelms the public discourse, there is a running loop of Trump on most of the 24-hour news networks. He dominates the political arena, he is a master brander, showman, and salesman. Filled with bravado and braggadocio larger than life personality.
Some may ask what more do we need in a great leader? Well that’s not great at all, that is the opposite of great.
My personal believe is that Trump has some insecurities in his past that has set him up to become the person he is today.
Mr. Trump has a strategy in all the chaos. In fact, by the time we see what’s happening, it will be too late to do anything about it. Right now, he is the consummate entertainer dominating the news. He plays the media like a fiddle in order to distract us from the changes he is making in the country. Tearing down norms, undermining institutions that have power to challenge him etc. He sows doubt he is destroying political correctness so that nobody cares about crossing lines of respect and decency. Trump is a serial hypocrite, but he does not know it because truth is relative not absolute with him. He has no real affinity with God or core values it’s all abstract. Anything that is destroyed in pursuit of him winning is collateral damage nothing more.
Three people Trump learned lessons from and in him we see examples of each of them.
Trump admired Roy Cohn known for being a tough attorney violating every rule to win. He was very ruthless, tenacious, and never stop attacking his enemies until he destroyed them.
Trump is fascinated with Adolf Hitler in terms of how he came to power. We know about Hitler big picture, but few of us know how he came to power. Trump is a great admirer of how he came to power.
The third person is Norman Vincent Peal. He wrote the book the power of positive thinking he was Trumps spiritual mentor and pastor. He taught Trump things like the power of speaking what you want, creating your own reality, attitude can dominate facts; truth is relative to what one believes not based on someone else interpretation of it. We hear Trump saying things like “no collusion” and “no obstruction” daily to make that “alternative fact” our reality as well as his. He learned the power of repetition from this controversial Pastor and author and is using it to gaslight the American voters.
In terms of a historical position Trump in my view is a student of Adolf Hitler aspires to be a contemporary of Vladimir Putin. He admires Kim Jong Un and President Xi Jinping of China. He wants to preside over a more radicalized and dominant America in the world.
Trump has been distracting us with political theatre for three years while quietly making changes to our democratic system. He is trying to make us numb to changes within our society or powerless to do anything about it. Tearing down our norms, safeguards, and institutions is an indicator that Trump is going with a more radical agenda.
He does not need most of the American people to transform America. He only needs a minority of loyal supporters who will do whatever he instructs them to do in the right positions of power. Ultimately these people can control the masses who are too distracted to notice anything.
He has been maintaining rally’s grooming his supporters in all sectors of society. Consolidating power in the congressional arena, in law enforcement praising them and reminding them that he alone is looking out for them, the heavy appointment of judges, including the supreme court etc. He has also held military rallies touting his strong support for them how he has given them more money than anyone etc… He is appointing yes men to his cabinet including William Barr the top law enforcement officer in our nation. He is also attacking the news media as fake news and “enemy of the people” Using the power of repetition he is wearing down society’s resistance. This president surrounds himself with people who believe he cannot violate the law. This is dangerous and the saddest part of it all is Trump don’t give a damn about his supporters he is using them. They too will be victims of a more radical Trump America. Just a hypothetical what if the world were moving toward more authoritarian style model of leaders? What if democracy was on the decline? What if those supporters of democracy were suddenly arrested for treason under a Trump second term?
I personally have stopped following things Trump says and does because that’s just a side show to keep us distracted.
I believe he and those complicit with him are plotting a complete takeover of government and society.

How can we stop Trump?
First, we must see Trump as a man who can be defeated. He is not Teflon he just wants us to think that he is by making us fearful in opposing him.
Congress must find a way to keep Trump legally accountable under court authority to follow the law and the constitution. Trump is using political Whack A Mole and mind games to keep the political process thrown off and those around him are going along. Everyone is becoming disoriented by these constant mind games sowing doubt and confusion about truth and facts. They cannot deal with Trump through normal political processes. Trump and his lawyers would be far less likely to continue these political stunts if a judicial authority were overseeing and enforcing the process. Congress ought to pass provision for appointing a judicial panel of current and/or former federal judges to take over the role of checks and balances of the executive branch. Independent judges would have the full powers of congress to subpoena be a check on the president etc… They would have the full power of the court to streamline judicial decisions including jail and heavy daily fines for those who disobey congressional subpoenas. This would also include board representatives from the American bar association as a subpanel. The board would have complete power to punish any lawyer on the spot who is behaving in an unethical, or illegal manner.  This will free the congress up to do normal oversight and the people’s business.
Ted Olson former solicitor general, George Conway conservative lawyer, and former Attorney General Eric Holder could make the closing argument to the American people and to congress on the evidence for impeachment. Congress should more-less take a backseat roll and let legal professionals lead.
1. Start an impeachment hearing with the full special counsel team to lay out the evidence against the President.

Consistent live hearings would educate the American voters on the contents of the report. The OJ Simpson case educated us on the technical issues of criminal court with expert testimony etc. Congress should invite experts to come and break down the evidence for the American people
2. Federal and state working together on impeachment. Have New York States AG brought into the process in a joint effort with congress? In terms of evidence, and in terms of witnesses being produced. The Manhattan southern district and the other fourteen investigations spun off by the special counsel could agree to speed up their conclusions and allow congress to have access to their evidence.
3. Have the states implement laws that says you cannot be on the ballet within that state without producing tax returns. Also, a clean bill of mental and physical health by a qualified physician should be a requirement.
4. The media must take this threat seriously. Shut down this administrations ability to use the media to spread propaganda and political theatre. The White House press corps should pack their bags and leave in protest of this administration. The President is destroying documents that is a violation of the PRA of 1978 that should be unacceptable to the media. Official fact-based policy statements from the White House would be covered but the administrations running loop of lies and gaslighting would not be covered. It would be considered propaganda and would not make fact based news coverage. Media executives must get involved with the impeachment process. They should cover this President in a way that protects the public from lies and alternative facts that he likes to peddle.
5. Regarding voting we need to vote by machine and by paper ballot. This would make very clear about how each person cast their vote. A copy to the precinct and a copy to the voter anything in question can be verified through the paper ballot. This would reduce someone sowing doubt into the elections should the President lose the election.
6. Finally, the President has lost all credibility as the leader of this country. He has disqualified himself many times over and should not be treated with the same protocol and deference of previous Presidents. Special exceptions should be put in place to deal with Trump until he leaves office. His Presidential powers should be marginalized, and he should have a gag order placed on him by a judge for speaking about the impeachment process.
• He conflicts with the constitution which he swore to uphold. That’s disqualifying
• He is not accountable to the voters or the congress. That’s disqualifying
• This President has refused to be transparent regarding his business dealings, finances etc. He is using lies and manipulation as a political weapon to frustrate and undermine governance. That’s disqualifying
• Trump has shown us time and again that he is temperamentally unfit to serve as commander of the armed forces and as chief executive. Frankly speaking he is a national security threat to our country bar none. That’s disqualifying

Even if this does not lead to impeachment of Trump it could be a way to give him a deal. A more discreet approach would be for Congress to show him the evidence against him, and his family. He can choose to not seek reelection and in turn that evidence would be sealed and neither he or his family would be indicted for the good of the country. But Trump cannot be involved in politics in any way shape or form. That’s the deal
If left unchecked the President will go for a complete takeover of American governance. It will make his first term look like a walk in the park. Ultimately the way to stop this President is for an overwhelming majority to participate in the impeachment process. Congressional, Media, Judicial, and the American public should speak with one voice no man is above the law, and we stand for checks and balances in our government. No dictator should ever have a home in the White House.
Finally let me say that God gave us two flawed candidates in 2016 with two extreme Ideals because that was America’s choice. Let us not have to ask the question again how did he get elected? It’s a simple choice no matter the promises Trump has made, we cannot lose sight of our values as a nation. We must have a moral compass as a country and always do the right thing, because it’s the right thing. Trump is incompatible with what we stand for as Americans. Full stop

This quote is very fitting going into the 20/20 elections.
“If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom.
If we do not confront the crisis of ethics and integrity in our society, democracy as we know it is entering its twilight years.”
Rex Tillerson former Secretary of State