The state of America is being decided

As in the days of Noah so shall the coming of the son of man.
There was then as in our time, a business as usual mentality
social activities robust and from all indications, things were
normal and peaceful.
The United States of America is being tested right now
perhaps as never before.
More Americans are facing mental challenges and physical
fatigue from the Corona virus pandemic. You could also
assume there is the “Trump affect” factored into all of the
cases of mental exhaustion facing Americans today.
More Americans are renouncing their citizenship now than at
any other time in our history. Moving to other countries like
Mexico, and Ghana Africa. One lady resigned her job as a law
enforcement officer and just left the country. Many are not
just moving but renouncing their citizenships altogether at a

Morality within the country is at an all time low we have
social unrest and a lack of civility in our politics.
We are experiencing Job loss and consequently many
Americans are having to depend on food banks to eat. If fact
they are not getting enough to eat.
Trump is desensitizing the American people morality and
values get destroyed, civility gets destroyed, institutional
norms get destroyed. He is whitewashing the country of
political correctness.
The President has no interest in upholding the constitution or
the laws of the land. I’m convinced that Trump does not even
believe in God and is an a-moral person.

I’m just asking the question could it be that Trump is simply a
reflection of America?
Also keep in mind locusts have made their way to Central
America (our back yard)in record time threatening food
We have major fires in California burning out of control if that
wasn’t enough California is now facing rolling blackouts due
to excessive electricity use.
Friends it is very clear the United States is being tested and
that will only intensify if we don’t heed the warnings signs
that we’re seeing. In other words, if we don’t change course
we can expect things to become progressively worse.
Ironically at a time when we should be moving toward
restoring truth and civility our leadership thumbs it’s nose at
God by doubling down on behavior that got us here in the
first place.
Politicians have sown doubt and fear in terms of the elections,
dividing families at the border using federal police to attack
protesters then accuse the opposite party of being evil. It’s
laughable and it’s shameful! We have created an environment for dark forces to thrive in our society. 

What can we do about this?
We need a truth matters campaign across this country,
a call to restore truth in america. That includes a return
to Civility, Values, and Ethics, and then make it the
framework for our public discourse.

We need to all out reject conspiracy theories and
repudiate twisting truth in America. There needs to
be a deliberate return to fact based conversations and a
fact based media in our society. Although conservative talk radio
has largely escaped blame, they bare a lot
of blame for the state of our politics.

A respect for our common humanity and common
values as Americans has to be restored. You know
some things are so vitally important to a democracy that
we cannot afford to wait for leadership to act. We have
to step up to preserve what belongs to our children and
grand children.

American politicians are compromised citizens, In fact our
entire government in both parties have failed us. I hate to say
this but I fear our politicians are controlled by outside forces.
Our decisions and actions have brought us to a day of
reckoning and we must choose our path wisely.

If our leaders continue dividing us with tribal politics, not
making decisions in the people’s interests then they are drunk
on power and a love for money.

America has neglected her destiny, forfeited God’s divine
protection, and squandered her blessings. 

We should not trust our politicians with our
children’s future because they have competing interests.

Everyday Americans one person at a time can start restoring
the character of our nation. We can’t follow a politician when
they are clearly wrong. But our thinking has to be about
individually doing the right thing, because it is the right thing.

America will have to reboot after Trump in hopes that we can
at least get back to where we were in terms of civility. Then
perhaps we can agree that its in all of our interest to see
things from God’s perspective going forward. If not the
country could literally be split in two parts or destroyed altogether.

Ultimately we have to be the guardians and
watchmen of truth, values, and ethics within our country.

Our hope must not be in our politics but in truth, love, and fact based discussions about being better citizens and helping each others be better citizens.