The 2020 election year


A consequential year

Could you stand by and watch the American flag being cut down the middle into two parts? Thats what we are becoming the divided states of America.
When we think about this election we must think about it in a different way because it is like no other. In fact it will be much more disturbing than 2016.

Look for a few scenarios to play out this year.

He has spent his entire presidency planning and running for reelection. The proof has been his rallies that have been going on since day 1 of his presidency. Trump has always planned to stay in power with an agenda to destroy political correctness, shred the constitution, and restore America to a predominately white society with very few poor immigrants coming to this country.

Trump could cut a deal with prosecutors in New York and walk away from seeking another term in exchange for no charges being filed. He could also fight through these issues and run for a second term. He was preparing for his second term the day he walked into the oval office.

In 2020 he will be working on consolidating his power, by changing the constitution with the help of his majority in the senate and the supreme court. The GOP would go along with it if they could maintain their majority.

Trump will use military troops to keep himself in power. The leadership at the defense department have said they will not support such orders. Trump could ask for the resignation of all military leaders who will not pledge loyalty. Then he could quickly install an acting head who will carry

out his order to put soldiers on the street. I can see a scenario where US soldiers are following multiple orders. Those from the commander in chief verses those from top generals who are supporting the constitution and peaceful protestors.
There could also be a situation where military veterans are called back into service to defend the President. You could have an active military and veterans fighting on opposing sides. In addition his core supporters could go on the streets and would be willing to take up arms to defend Trump. The President will ask for loyalty to save the country from the liberal communist. They would in fact take to the streets to defend against the democrats taking power even in fare election. The country would be in chaos and confusion.
The supreme court would be divided on any decision, law enforcement would be divided, the military rank and file would be divided and even putting some veterans divided against active duty military. Some will stand for the constitution others will show loyalty to the President.

I believe the test of our institutions and norms will be tested this year and they may or may not hold up under this rough presidency. If they don’t hold up we will turn a corner taking us into a dictatorship in this country. Trump will install more cronies, proceed to jail his opponents, reform the media and turn on his supporters.

The national polls are certainly a gauge as to how people will vote. Today it shows Biden with a sizable lead over Trump.
It is my personal view that all of the polls are within the margin of error. The reason I say this is because Trump has a lot of supporters who will not publicly say they plan to vote for him. We have to watch for a reverse Bradley effect. It happens when people are saying in polling data that they will support one candidate when in fact they plan to support the opponent on the ballot.
Make no mistake, Trump has been grooming his loyalists for years to get them psychologically ready to do whatever he asks of them.
This year will be a very defining year, it will be a year of division, chaos and decision. If we don’t respond properly to those events we may never get back to where we were prior to corona virus. Ultimately it’s up to the American people and the direction they choose to go.