Seeds of Destiny the battle can be won

We have to align with the principles of the Kingdom which are spiritual and not the natural or things that we can see.
If we plan to rise above our problems in this final hour it will take advanced Christianity to get it done. We won’t be able to rely on things that once worked.
When King David was once fighting a battle in           (2 Samuel 5:19) David enquirer of the Lord and God said go I will be with you.
On another occasion David asked the Lord again shall I go up against the Philistines.
(1 Chronicles 14:14), God said don’t go up as before but go around them. This time God had a different plan for David to win the battle. Imagine if David presumptuously surged ahead depending on the same plan without enquiring of the Lord he could have been defeated.

Perhaps God  has given you a miracle at some point that gave you great victory. But we cannot park by that place expecting God to come each time the same way. We don’t know which direction God will bring the victory. But the important thing is to thank God for the answer no matter how it comes. The victory is going to be the same.

In the same way yesterday’s  righteous won’t get you through today. Each day must have its own righteousness. We have to be vigilant in our pursuit of God daily to live above our problems. We must pray specifically for what we need and desire only God’s way of doing things as a permanent way of life.

David’s dedication to the Lord was primary in his life. He then depended on God’s plan to win battle after battle.

Like King David we have to make God primary, then acknowledge him in all that we do for His glory.