Current Missions

Destiny Kids Christian Academy

The academy is our full-time Christian School educating homeless children who have no way to attend public school.

Sewing Center Program for Women

Our sewing centers allow women to learn a skill that can be used to support their family.

Sidewalk Sunday School

This school is a satellite program designed to give Christian education to children in remote villages where there are no schools available. This is a mobile program and there we take church to the children.

Feed The Poor

We provide food and clothing to flood victims and victims of natural disasters in Pakistan.

Church Building Fund

Teaching people how to pray for their immediate needs and the community. In addition, it has help improve the spiritual conditions inside the communities of Punjab.

Travel Budget

We provide water pumps for families to have their own water system. If they don’t have water, young boys have to travel very far to get water for the family.

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